Why is it vital for me to set public goals? Setting public goals is essential because it helps me to be aware of my desires and motivations, share them with others and get their support and feedback. It can also help me stay accountable for my actions and achieve my goals.

Goals for 2023
6 directions for goals

I have set 52 goals for 2023. They are divided into 6 directions:

  1. finances;
  2. self-realization;
  3. sports and health;
  4. family and love;
  5. brightness of life;
  6. shopping and gifts.

I will cover most goals at the end of the year in a wrap-up post. Here I will publish only some of the goals and tasks directly related to the sites and the agency.


This blog is only one of 52 goals, so the following is a sub-goal.

  • Reach attendance of 100 sessions per day.
  • Publish 5 How To articles.
  • Publish 5 articles on self-development.
  • Publish 5 cases.


  • Create and launch a new website for the agency in three languages.
  • Create and develop an account on UpWork.
  • Create a training system for employees.
  • Ensure at least 40% of turnover from English-speaking clients.
  • Expand the team to 2-3 employees.


  • Create and launch 10 new sites.
  • Reach the attendance of your projects from 50,000 uniques per day.


  • Create your free course for beginners in SEO.
  • Create an online checklist of continuation sites.
  • Collect an online database for link building.
What % of my goals do you think I will complete by the end of 2023?
10% - 25%
25% - 50%
50% - 75%
75% - 100%
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And would you be able to set goals for the year? If so, how do you distribute them, what do you focus on, and what are the results? Please share in the comments.