I am starting my blog again. Now, this blog intends to bring the matter to its logical conclusion. What changed? I consider the blog, not a “wishlist” or “just to be” but a tool for solving particular problems. In short, this blog is my new project, and I bring projects to fruition.

Why this blog is for you:

  • read interesting cases and anti-cases in the first person;
  • apply guidelines for creating,
  • promoting and monetizing sites; overseeing the development of my agency;

Why do I need this blog:

  • record goals, successes, and fuck-ups in the public space;
  • organize knowledge in a convenient format and share it with others;
  • develop own brand;
  • meet interesting people and make valuable contacts;
  • promote my own products and services.

What I will be writing about:

Cases, anti-cases, manuals, setting and achieving goals, life observations, and conclusions, reviews of services and technologies. I aim to share exciting information and statements that will come my way as a webmaster, person, and entrepreneur.

I will allow myself to reveal some of my goals to make this blog more interesting to read and maintain.

Let’s go!